• Jean Levasseur

Elections 2017-President, Financial Secretary, Trustees (3)

In accordance with the UNIFOR Local 1016 Bylaws, I hereby announce the holding of the elections to fill the positions of:

  • President,

  • Financial Secretary and

  • 3 Trustees.

Eligibility to stand and vote:

Any UNIFOR Local 1016 member in good standing, who has been an ATT for at least one year, may stand for the positions. However, any UNIFOR Local 1016 member in good standing, regardless of years of service, may vote for the positions.

Nominations: Open Monday November 20th 2017 to Friday December 01st 2017 at 17:00 EDT. Any eligible member may nominate any other eligible member by email to the Elections Chair at Electionschair@UNIFOR1016.ca You must cc a copy of your nomination email to your nominee because the nominated member must also email the Elections Chair with their confirmation of acceptance of their nomination. It is very important that you check for a reply email from the Elections Chair to acknowledge receipt of your nomination or acceptance emails.

Campaign: Once your nomination has been accepted by Elections Chair till December 10th 2017 will be available to campaign. A poster can be posted on the website, please send bilingual copy as well to Christine Cassey Evp@unifor1016.ca

Elections: Will be completed by electronic voting on our website www.unifor1016.ca fromMonday December 11th 2017 to Friday December 15th 2017 at 17:00EDT.

Elections will be held using our website; members are required to request access to the union website using their company email address. Please take the time to complete this now as Christine Cassey will have to action all the requests. Please don’t wait till the last minute.

If you have any questions, please contact the President, Shawn Wood, by email at president@unifor1016.ca or by phone at 1-866-600-1016.

In Solidarity, Scott English Elections Chair UNIFOR Local 1016

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