Bulletin November 25, 2016

NEW Webpage

The new webpage is up! There is still work to be done and updates to be made but we think you will be impressed with the new layout, simplified navigation, and the addition of a French site.

You will be receiving an email at work inviting you to request member access. But if you can’t wait, please visit www.unifor1016.ca to request access using your NavCanada email address.

Special thanks to VP Montreal, Jean Levasseur, for all his work on the new site!


Unifor 1016 is scheduled to commence bargaining on February 7. The LUEB will be holding a face to face meeting to compose our bargaining list in early January. Please submit your suggestions, along with your rationale, on the form available at www.unifor1016.ca before December 31, 2016.


Congratulations to all the VP’s and EVP on their successful elections/acclamations:

  • EVP Christine Cassey

  • YVR Marie Gerroir

  • YEG Andre Lauzon

  • YWG Jim Walker

  • YYZ Charles Warford

  • YOW Eric Titus

  • YUL Jean Levasseur

  • YQM Jason Constable

  • YQX Mike Dwyer

Trustee Meeting

Our Financial Secretary is on the mend. She proposed an 18 month audit covering July 2015-December 2016 in February. This will be a 5 day process. The proposal was unanimously supported by the LUEB. Dates are yet to be finalized.

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