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ATT INFO - March 2018

LUEB Meeting

The LUEB met via conference call on March 15, 2018. Items discussed included: convention, bargaining, contact information and banking. Minutes are posted on the website, www.unifor1016.ca. The next call will be scheduled for April.


The arbitrator has not released his decision or provided indication of when he might. We are hopeful that we will see a decision in early April but have no influence on the timing.


Convention will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Travel dates are October 25 and 29. Meetings will be held October 27-28.

Convention is how we decide the day to day operation of the local union through the revision of our By-Laws. The By-Laws are available on our website as well as the form for submitting amendments. Amendment suggestions can be submitted at any time. www.unifor1016.ca

There will be a call going out for delegates in the near future.

President’s Contact Info

It seems a lot of people, understandably, have president@unifor1016.ca stored as the contact for Shawn Wood. This leads to “Shawn Wood” being included in email chains that may include recipients unaware of our recent change is president and it is causing some confusion. For this reason Jim’s contact email will be jim.walker@unifor1016.ca. He also has the “president” account but we encourage everyone to please start using jim.walker@unifor1016.ca and remove the “president” email from Shawn’s contact info. Thank you for your co-operation.

We have also added an office line for Jim. That number is (204)221-6205.

Jim Walker

President Unifor 1016

Email jim.walker@unifor1016.ca

Office (204)221-6205

Cell (204)558-5016

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