Shop Stewards

UNIFOR Local 1016 Shop Stewards Elections

No elections are required as no region received more self-nominations than the allowed numbers below.

  • Vancouver 3

  • Edmonton 3

  • Winnipeg 2

  • Toronto 4

  • Ottawa 8

  • Montreal 4

  • Moncton 2

  • Gander 2

The following members have self-nominated to be shop steward in each Region.

Vancouver has Ria Ali and Janine Raymond as new shop stewards.

Edmonton has Dan Flokstra as new shop steward.

Winnipeg has Sheldon Moore and Brandi Olenick as new shop stewards.

Toronto has Steven Ribeiro, Warren Beitz and Andrea Wickramasinghe as new shop stewards.

Ottawa has Richard Brunette as new shop steward.

Montreal has Sebastien Conroy as new shop steward.

Gander and Moncton did not get any self-nominations for shop stewards.

Thank you to all members who have put forward your names to be shop stewards. The Local Union Executive Board would like to thank all members who were previously shop stewards for their contributions to the UNION.

The LUEB will decide how to proceed with the positions that have not been filled at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact the President, Jim Walker, by email at or by phone at 1-204-558-5016.

In Solidarity,

Scott English

Elections Chair

UNIFOR Local 1016