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ATT INFO - June 2018

LUEB Meeting

The LUEB met in Cornwall on June 12-13, 2018. Items discussed included:

  • Trustee report

  • Convention

  • By-Laws

  • Website (making it more accessible, Google for Business (tools that are available)

  • Grievances and the grievance management program.

The minutes when available will be posted on the website, www.unifor1016.ca. The next call will be scheduled for September unless otherwise required.


A substantial amount of time was spent by the LUEB looking at the technology we have available to us, training on some of that technology, and trying to improve our use what we have. Some things will be apparent to the membership, like moving more of our website content to outside the password protected area so that it is easier to access. Watch for that change this summer. But some items will be less tangible, like using google docs and sheets for sharing common files and Google Calendar for scheduling meetings. VP’s will also have access to new Grievance Management software to allow for better tracking of all complaints/grievances.


Several Working Groups were committed to in Bargaining and teams were established at the UMC. These working groups include:

  • Scope

  • ATOS Supervisor

  • Staffing Article

  • Job Overlap (OTS/CMS/OSS)

We look forward to working with Nav Canada to try to resolve some of these long outstanding issues.

Trustee Report

The first meeting of the new Financial Secretary and Trustees occurred in early April. In the 4 days they were able to complete 2 semi-annual audits (all of 2017) and produce a fairly comprehensive trustee report with 17 recommendations. The LUEB discussed all of these items individually and will be providing written response prior to the next trustee meeting.


The triennial convention is being held October 26-28, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Niagara Falls. Travel dates are October 25 and 29. Each region is entitled to one delegate except Ottawa which is entitled to 3.

  • Nominations close FRIDAY, June 22 at NOON EDT

  • Nominees must accept their nomination by June 22 at noon EDT

  • Electronic voting will occur from June 25-July 6 at noon EDT

  • Results will be announced JULY 9

By-Law amendments can be submitted via the website (www.unifor1016.ca). The deadline for submissions is August 27. These will be published with the Agenda no later than September 26.

Thank you in advance for your submissions and good luck to all the nominees!


There are currently 24 outstanding grievances, some of which date back to 2009. A day for level 2 grievance meetings will be set soon to decide what can be resolved, withdrawn or moved in to arbitration. Going forward the VPs will try to better align grievance times with what is outlined in the Collective Agreement. (see Article 15)

  • Incident

  • Complaint stage within 20 calendar days of incident

  • Written grievance, following complaint and within 30 days of incident

  • Response within 15 days of grievance submission

  • Union has 10 days to respond to that response (and refer to level 2 if necessary)

  • If the grievance is pushed to Level 2-company has 30 days to provide final written response

  • Either party can refer an item to arbitration within 30 days of the final written response

National UMC

The LUEB met with representatives from Nav Canada on June 14-15, 2018. These were the following presentations and discussions.

  • Sandy Struthers, EVP Finance and CFO Nav Canada, presented an overview of the financial structure and rate setting approach.

  • Jim Ferrier, Director AIM, provided an AIM Update.

  • Lyne Moreau, GMFIR Montreal, and Jerome Gagnon, MACCO Montreal, presented their preliminary findings and conducted some further information gathering on the ATOS Supervisor review.

  • Pete Thompson, National Manager ATS Training Programs, presented an operational training update for 1016 groups.

  • Elizabeth Cameron, VP Labour Relations, reviewed the engagement survey results and provided a summary of the cannabis symposium held in May.

  • Anoop Busuttil, Manager of Job Evaluation, lead a discussion on the Scope of the bargaining unit and job overlap and initiated working groups for these issues.

  • Stephen Green, Labour Relations Manager, covered outstanding grievances and the formation of a working group to clarify language in the staffing article.

Presidents Message

The Local union executive board (LUEB) and Union management consultation (UMC) meetings in Cornwall have been very positive and productive. We have identified many long standing

issues that we will be working on. Committees are being formed with members from Unifor1016 and Nav Canada that will be tasked with resolving these issues. This will bring clarity to some collective agreement articles, start the process of resolving long standing grievances and above all, build a working relationship that is positive, transparent and respectful.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move forward and work through the challenges ahead.

James Walker

President Unifor1016

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