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Vote: Ria Ali for CANSA Vancouver RVP

Current union position: VR ATOS Shop Steward

Past union position: VR TSS/OTS Shop Steward 2001-2015

Past National position: Trustee for 3 consecutive terms

I have cared about the union since I joined as a TSS in 2001. I attended many CAW courses over the years and I would make myself available to attend Unifor courses. I have served in many capacities, including elected delegate at Founding Convention. I am a viable option for you to elect as CANSA -Vancouver RVP.

I voluntarily do the work of the union fighting for positive results when it comes to equal member representation. I was on the TSS Committee for the arbitration award settlement for the monetary lump sum plus the $8/hr evening shift differential.

I fought the implementation of voice recognition software in Specialty IFR, Generic Sim and VFR Sim; I tried to increase ownership of OTS work. So, it comes as no surprise that I was extremely disappointed when I found out that some policy grievance that I had a hand in pushing for TSS/OTS seems to have all been for nothing.

Currently, in the role of ATOS Shop steward for a second term, I am in that hybrid position where I understand ATOS issues and I understand OTS issues and I can serve both groups fairly.

ATOS major issues include dealing with Fatigue Management and Shift Work modifications – mandatory Directives being rolled out by Transport Canada. The Fatigue Safety Action Group (FSAG) also already identified changes and there will be more recommendations in the upcoming months. I will fight for ATOS - for Just Culture/OI reporting and for increased duties/responsibilities and additional workload.

PAST INVOLVEMENTS: I am a past member of CATCA while on ATC IFR training at the Winnipeg and Vancouver ACCs. I was a licensed Air Traffic Controller in Trinidad and Tobago serving as Director – Professional for two consecutive terms for TTATCA (Trinidad and Tobago Air Traffic Controllers Association) and affiliations with IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association). I served on member committees for CISM and Fatigue Factors at the IFATCA Americas Regional level from 1992-1996. So, I fully understand the need for privacy and confidentiality requirements.

What would you like me to do for you? How can I serve the local membership? In addition to contract negotiations and bargaining representation, I intend to hold local membership meetings as per the By Laws. I am open to suggestions as we move forward towards building our union together.

My mission statement has always been about transparency and accountability within the union and honesty and integrity when carrying out the affairs of the union in a fair and equitable manner. Please feel free to contact me any time with your questions and comments and concerns.


Ria Yasmin Ali

Email: Ria.Ali@navcanada.ca

Cell: 1 604 719 5374

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