• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting November 3, 2016

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Teleconference, November 3, 2016

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jim Walker

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Charles Warford

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Michelle Zelazny

Trustee Audit and Report

  • Michelle just starting to feel better

  • Propose Trustee meeting in February for 18 month review (July 2015-december 2016)

  • Full 5 day review

  • Need 2 trustees for each day

  • All in favour? Unanimous

Unit Funds

  • For new Vp’s

  • Prefer separate, fee free, account

  • Sue has transferred unit funds to Marie but needs to close off the accounting With Michelle

  • Chris to do the same for Charles

  • Chris to send blank unit fund report to Marie and Charles

Face to Face Meeting-Pre bargaining

  • Plan for sometime during the week of January 9

  • Location TBD

  • Bargaining suggestions-there is a form to collect bargaining suggestions on the new website

  • New website to launch this month

  • Suggest we announce in the next Bulletin the launch and the call for bargaining suggestions and tie the two together

  • Also use the current email list from the most recent elections to email everyone at work and solicit logging in to the new website and submitting bargaining suggestions

Other Business

  • YQX

  • CATCA removed non-op status from their members working in the schools

  • OTS would like a similar consideration

  • CATCA produced a FAQ document (see attached)

  • Students getting double time on Fridays? On training allowance is there overtime provisions?

  • Advantages of OTS being operational:

  • LIEU days

  • Paid lunch

  • May be an opportunity to clear up a few grievances with respect to evening shift work

  • YYZ

  • People haven’t really made a connection with the idea that CATCA school staff are now operational and therefore it hasn’t been a topic of discussion

  • See this as an opportunity to perhaps tie together evenings, job descriptions and classification?

  • People won’t want to be “operational” if it means losing their evening shift premium-unless that is somehow recognized

  • Many OTS seem unaware that by the CA they are day workers and that there is a cap on the evening shift premium

  • SID/STAR training for about 80% of control staff rolling out in February

  • YWG

  • Haven’t talked to OTS group recently, expect there will be concern over the new CATCA agreement

  • YEG

  • Remind OTS that being operational may also include midnights and weekend work at regular pay with small premiums

  • Want recognition through classification for ATOS working single stand

  • YVR

  • Echo’s YEG

  • 3 new people in OTS group

  • 1 new qualification in ATOS

  • YQM & YOW

  • Nominations close Friday

Next meeting

  • TBD


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