• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting January 11-13, 2017

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Ottawa, January 11-13, 2017

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Jason Constable

  • Jim Walker

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Charles Warford

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Michelle Zelazny


  • Is there a standardized practice?

  • Short answer is no BUT

  • We will grieve if OJI pay is not paid and:

  • there are 2 people doing 1 job or

  • someone is being paid ATT0 and no one is getting OJI

  • it is the company’s practice to partially qualify people:

  • should not be to the detriment of our members

  • ½ the cost of evening shift premiums and they treat that as the cost of doing business

  • Needs to be a general statement about this in the next bulletin so members know when to ask for OJI pay and if they are denied we can grieve it consistently

  • OJI pay for Instructors-to be discussed in bargaining proposals

Workbook Database

  • Who has access to it? Who’s using it and how?

  • Each unit should have protocols as to how the information is accessed and archived

  • Historically ATPrepare was used for routes and databases. The workbook is a similar interface. While it can be accessed by AI’s it should not be maintained by AI’s

  • AI’s used to hand TSS what they wanted hand written on a piece of paper. The workbook allows them to just input the same info into an excel spreadsheet

  • The conversion utility needs to be controlled by OTS

  • Really the workbook just shifts the actual workload and its value is being assessed

  • Having key players, perhaps the supervisors, in contact may help standardize practices

  • On the topic of supervisors-need the PID applied in a standard way

  • May benefit from some AIM practices like defining the “accountable source” and the “authoritative source”. AI’s would be the accountable source responsible for information but the OTS are the authoritative source responsible for creating and maintaining the database and the conversion utility

  • Maintaining duplicate databases, both ATPrepare and the workbook, means Nav is paying for the same thing twice

Financial Secretary Concerns

  • Unit funds need to be submitted for July1-December 31. Please include a first bank statement if this is your first report, if not just a final bank statement for the period

  • Christine to send unit fund spreadsheet, expense claim form and missing attestation form to everyone again

  • Electronic receipts are acceptable for all accounting in 1016

  • End number on the spreadsheet must match the number on the bank statement

  • No fee account preferred

  • If the account incurs interest, the interest is your responsibility with Revenue Canada

  • Date has not been set for trustee meeting. However, Michelle is moving to Toronto so it will be held in the GTA at the end of February

  • Christine will explore options for dates and locations

  • Michelle to work with Jean on a new expense claim form that will be accessed from the website

Per Diems

  • Unifor’s system is not working for us

  • The ½ day vs full day with mileage stipulations is not cost effective

  • Basically a ½ day is any day you don’t sleep in your own bed. So if someone from YQX, for example, is in meetings in Ottawa all day and flies home in the evening getting in before midnight, they are only eligible for $45. That person could then opt to spend the extra night to get the full $95 with an additional $45 for the following day and an extra hotel stay

  • A full day has no way to account for things like breakfast is provided at this hotel, or a stay in Cornwall where all 3 meals may be provided. We need to be able to break things down into breakfast, lunch, supper and incidentals

  • We reviewed the current NCJC per diems which are approximately $105 but do we want to be tied to whatever the company sets?

  • Want to recognize that our perdiems cannot be lower than the standard set by National but need to apply those values in a manner cost effective for 1016

  • Motion by Michelle:

  • Effective January 1, 2017, Unifor 1016 will apply per diems as directed at Convention 2015 but increase the value by $10 in line with the National Unifor standard:

  • Breakfast $25

  • Lunch $20

  • Supper $40

  • Incidentals $10

  • Seconded by Christine

  • All in favour?

  • 9 in favour

  • Eric opposed

  • Shawn absent


  • Member’s can’t see what others have submitted

  • We can build a page

  • We can pay $3.99 US a month for the app which will give us unlimited submissions (currently limited to 100) and will allow us to export the data into an excel workbook which we could publish

  • We use the same form for all things including bargaining, convention, and just general submissions so we will go through the 100

  • Members who have made submissions should be sent a response. Christine will do that. Auto generated responses may be available but are impersonal.

  • Need to include in the next bulletin that the new website does not work correctly with Internet Explorer and people should be using a different browser

  • Headshots will be taken over the next 2 days for use on the website

Email addresses

  • When the initial research was done on Wix we thought we could keep our email accounts for free

  • The president, executive vice president and financial secretary have already moved to the gmail accounts to test

  • The cost for @unifor1016.ca email accounts is actually $5US/person/month or $50US/person/year

  • Proper dedicated email addresses look more professional and provide continuity as they can be passed on if an elected person is replaced

  • If there is a vacancy, the rep serving that group will still have access to the email which gives the group continuity

  • Trustees need an address separate from Michelle’s account as they oversee her work

  • Elections Chair also needs an address

  • Need to remove all underscores in addresses

  • This also provides each person with a personal google account for professionals

  • With this we can share and edit docs and have conference calls or video conferencing anywhere we have wifi or cellular data

  • If you are using this at work you will likely want to use a headset for privacy

  • This may be problematic for some who regularly call in from work

  • The cost savings on not having conference calls is substantial and worth trying as conference call is paid on a per use basis

  • Motion by Jean:

  • To purchase, or continue, @unifor1016.ca gmail accounts for the President, EVP, Financial Secretary, each RVP, the Elections Chair, and one for the 3 trustees (shared).

  • Seconded by Shawn

  • All in favour?

  • Unanimous

  • Who pays?

  • Should RVP’s have to pay from their unit funds? Not fair to smaller units

  • If its anyone but the local it should go to convention

  • There is a cost savings if we can use this over conference calls

  • Motion by Andre:

  • The cost of the emails will be covered by Unifor1016 and any change to that will go forward to convention in 2018

  • All in favour?

  • unanimous

Averaging In

  • 3 people have done this 3 ways in Toronto

  • People are going on course and returning and new employees are being added

  • Do you use people no longer there? Do you use hours for people no longer there?

  • Do you track hours offered or hours worked?

  • Done differently from unit to unit, even averaging period is different unit to unit

  • CA says “on the list at that time”

  • If they are gone more than 30 days they are off the list

  • Suggest units hold local votes and establish a local practice which is written down so that it is replicable

AIM issues

  • Our members working next to PSAC members doing essentially the same work

  • Originally 2 different jobs where PSAC did GIS work and we did not but has evolved to where all positions do GIS work

  • Scope document for our group is from Treasury Board circa 1999. We left transport in 1996. Essentially we aren’t represented in the GT scope document being used

  • PSAC members, because of 2 different classification systems, are higher paid

  • Supervisor position is a PSAC job, if our members apply the only way they can compete is if no PSAC member applies

  • Our members get OJI pay and PSAC does not so all training, including the training of PSAC members, is performed by our members

Travel Status

  • OTS who works in Montreal is working in Ottawa temporarily

  • Not receiving travel status as Nav is aware that his family lives in Ottawa and is maintaining households in each location

  • His status should not affect his travel status for these purposes. Why should he not receive money that they would have to pay to any other employee?


  • Don’t agree on what an “operational requirement” is

  • Has been applied as-we can’t get controllers in on overtime in the summer on evenings so if we have instructors on eves we have a ready source OR we want to be able to move a course from one position to another in the event of a system crash and we can’t do that if all positions are in use

  • We see “operational requirement” as equipment availability, i.e. If all available nodes are utilized on a day shift the overflow could be scheduled for another time or an afternoon shift

  • Part of the issue is many OTS don’t know that they are supposed to be day workers or that there is a cap on evening shift premium and therefore the number of evenings available

  • Part of the issue is so many are either terms looking to be permanent or permanent looking for a course

  • Issue in YUL is VFR sim utilization, between FSS and VFR they need to run eves and not everyone is qualified on VFR sim

  • This issue creates a divide amongst members, no one wants to “screw their buddy” but it’s an issue created by the employer NOT the worker

  • Clearly the penalty meant to be punitive has simply become the cost of doing business

Next meeting

  • TBD


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