ATT INFO - January 2018

UEB Meeting

The LUEB met via conference call on January 8, 2018. Items discussed included: Winnipeg elections, convention, communication methods and bargaining. The next call has not yet been scheduled but is expected to be in early February.


Elections for a new Winnipeg VP are being held. The term of the position will be the balance of the previous position which is approximately 2 years. VP elections are scheduled for Fall 2019.

The call went out January 15. Nominations will open January 29 and be open for 1 week. Voting will take place February 5-9. Voting will be completed online using Simply Voting.

LUEB Contact Info

The LUEB has voted unanimously to forgo a 1-800 number, fax number and conference call services. This will be open to reevaluation if problems arise. Conference calls will be completed using Google Hangouts which is a service we are provided with our business emails.

Your first point of contact should be a local Shop Steward or your Regional VP. Your Regional VP’s email is So for example Jean in Montreal can be reached at (Montreal is responsible for Cornwall at this time) A full list of executive board members, including photos, emails, and phone numbers, is available on the members side of our website (you must login).

Again Jim Walker can be contacted any time at: or



On January 9, Jim and Christine met with Joel Fournier, Unifor’s Director of Transportation, and Unifor’s legal team to discuss the content of the brief to be provided to the Arbitrator, Tom Hodges. Both briefs will be provided to Mr. Hidges on January 29 at 4pm.


Convention is scheduled to happen in the fall of 2018, dates and location are currently under review.

If you have By-Law amendment suggestions they can be submitted through Simply:

  • Login

  • Click on suggestions

  • Select By-Laws for category

  • Complete the form provided

  • Click “submit”

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