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ATT INFO - January 2018

LUEB Meeting

The LUEB met via conference call on February 13, 2018. Items discussed included: convention, local unit funds, Shop Steward elections, UMC’s and priorities. The next call has not yet been scheduled but is expected to be in early March.

Winnipeg VP

Congratulations to Chris Rademaker. This former Shop Steward was elected Winnipeg VP in the interim election. The LUEB looks forward to working with him.

Shop Steward Elections

Shop Steward elections for all sites are scheduled for this spring. Watch for the elections chair eminent election call and please consider if you would like to be more involved in the day to day operation of our local.


Recent discussions with Joel Fournier, Unifor Director of Transportation, suggest that the arbitration award could be released a little later than originally anticipated. Current expectation is 2-4 weeks.

Local Union Meetings and UMCs

Jim and Christine have visited Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto on a cross country tour aimed at increasing engagement and establishing the priorities of Local 1016. So far some definite themes have been established. We will be publishing a list of priorities that we will focus on in addition to the day to day issues of the local. In order to prevent bias at any upcoming meetings the list won’t be published until after all sites have been visited. Following these local meetings you LUEB will be meeting for a National UMC in Ottawa to discuss these priorities. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for June. So if your site hasn’t been visited yet, rest assured, you will see us before June!


Convention is scheduled to happen October 26-28, 2018. Two locations are currently being considered, Niagara Falls and Whistler. The final decision will be made on the next conference call.

If you have By-Law amendment suggestions they can be submitted through www.unifor1016.ca. Simply:

  • Login

  • Click on suggestions

  • Select By-Laws for category

  • Complete the form provided

  • Click “submit”

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