• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting February 13, 2018

In Attendance

  • Jim Walker

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Chris Rademaker

  • Greg Phelan

Shop Steward Election

  • Held every 3 years

  • To be held spring 2018

  • Chris will contact Scott English, Elections Chair, to establish the timelines

Air Canada Flight Pass

  • With Shawn we used to buy flight passes to help contain travel costs

  • Only one option for Winnipeg that would work for us. It connects YWG with YOW, YUL, YQM, and YQX. It can only be used by one person. It’s 10 one way trips and is $5061. Passes are good for a year

  • This is probably good value given upcoming travel to YQM and YQX. Also good value for last minute flights to YOW and YYZ

  • Will cost out flight vs flight pass for each flight

  • Andre-Purchase this flight pass for Jim

  • Seconded-Jean

  • Passed unanimous


  • Greg would like to move our banking from CIBC to TD

  • This would allow for a GIC secured credit card (we have GIC’s available)

  • Currently Michelle is personally securing the union credit cards. Not ideal and makes transitioning for any change in leadership cumbersome

  • TD will also wave banking fees with a minimum balance of $35000 (non-issue)

  • TD has a couple credit card options that would work for our local. The TD Aeroplan Business Visa OR the TD Travel Visa

  • Andre-Move Unifor1016’s banking and credit card from CIBC to TD

  • Seconded-Chris R

  • Passed unanimous


  • Christine provided a spreadsheet to everyone (except Chris R-sorry) yesterday outlining the hotels she had costed for convention

  • The LUEB has narrowed the selection to Niagara Falls and Whistler based on hotel costs

  • Christine will investigate the costs of transporting delegates to each site

  • Eric is concerned that we be seen as moving across the country and not favouring central Canada

  • LUEB will decide on final location on the next call

Local Unit Funds

  • Couple local unit fund accounting forms for 2017 are outstanding

  • Adopt 2 new best practices please:

  • Itemized receipts (reduce discussion during audits)

  • Alcohol included-please include your meeting agenda and a list of members at the meeting

  • This will not be voted on here. If there are issues it will move to convention for vote

Retirement Gifts

  • Shawn served 13 years as President

  • Michelle served for 6 years as financial secretary

  • Usually get Regional Reps (now VPs) jackets

  • Gift suggestions? Or a budget?

  • Plaque in addition to a gift for Shawn

  • Set a budget for moving forward so we don’t have to do this every retirement

  • Motion by Jean. Gift budget to be set at:

  • President/EVP - $100/year in position with a max of $1000

  • VP/Financial Secretary - $50/year in position with a max of $500

  • Seconded-Greg

  • Passed unanimous

Convention Guests

  • When McKellar retired he was invited as a guest to convention

  • Observer only? Yes

  • Good opportunity to present the above mentioned gifts

  • Motion by Chris C. Invite Shawn and Michelle to convention 2018.

  • Seconded-Jean

  • Passed unanimous

Establish Priorites for President’s Term

  • Jim and Christine have visited 2 of the sites (YEG and YVR) for union meetings and UMC’s, with Toronto scheduled for later this week

  • Themes are starting to appear. We want to address these at our National UMC and establish what our priorities are for the next 3 years

  • Basically want to identify outstanding issues and work to resolve them while still maintaining the day to day operation of the local

  • We will continue to develop this list leading up to the National UMC

  • In order to keep upcoming meetings unbiased in terms of what issues are we won’t release the list until the cross country tour is complete

Other Business

  • Michelle has 3 plastic banker’s boxes of financial records for Greg

  • She isn’t comfortable shipping this type of documentation

  • Greg is asking the Trustees at their April meeting to allow him to go completely digital and purchase a higher end scanner/printer combo

  • He may be able to digitize the documents at that meeting

  • Complaints that president email is populating still as “Shawn”

  • Christine has changed the admin profile

  • People taking over someone’s old email may need to check that their personal profile is updated

  • People complaining may need to change their address book


Click here if you want to download the minutes!

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