Local Union Executive Board Meeting March 15, 2018

In Attendance

  • Jim Walker

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Chris Rademaker

  • Greg Phelan

  • Tara Amsen

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Jason Constable


  • Dates October 25-29, 2018. Convention meetings held October 26-28

  • Christine sent out 2 spreadsheets outlining hotel and transportation costs for Whistler and Niagara Falls options

  • Hotel works out to be about $2/person/night more in Niagara

  • Travel was a minimum $4000 cheaper (if all Ottawa delegates came in one rental van this would increase savings) for Niagara at the time of costing

  • Jim calls the question

  • 7 for Niagara, 2 for Whistler, 2 absent at time of vote

  • Convention 2018 will be hosted in Niagara Falls at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Bank Switch

  • Greg is in the process of moving our banking from CIBC to TD

  • Due to recent legislation to prevent money laundering we require some documentation from Unifor National office which is expected this week

  • We expect this transition to be completed by early April

Scanner Purchase

  • Greg would like to purchase a high speed scanner and move our expenses from paper to fully electronic

  • Currently there are 3 bankers boxes in Mississauga (with Michelle) which would need to be securely shipped if we didn’t purchase the scanner

  • Cost of the scanner is $420.37

  • Files can be digitized during the trustee meeting in April if this is approved

  • Jean-Motion to purchase the suggested scanner

  • Seconded-Chris Cassey

  • Passed unanimous

President’s email address

  • Issue with “Shawn” appearing as contact has persisted

  • Jim wants to set up a Shaw account

  • This is not in line with the original intent of having the Google accounts

  • Intent was continuity, everyone’s address @unifor1016.ca and to have position transfer from one person to the next if there was a change at election

  • Apparently the president@unifor1016.ca account was empty when transferred to Jim so there wasn’t the intended transfer of information

  • Jim is willing to monitor 2 separate emails. He would keep Shaw as his primary and @unifor 1016.ca as well

  • Alternative solution suggested by Jean is firstname.lastname@unifor1016.ca We can all have this and set up our current email addresses as aliases. This should solve the “Shawn” issue and maintain continuity of @unifor1016.ca (jim.walker@unifor1016.ca)

  • Jean will set this up and test it.

  • We will reevaluate on our next call

President’s Phone

  • Just a cell phone wasn’t working for Jim

  • He has added a business line at home

  • Cost is $40-45/month

  • (204)221-6205

  • This number will be added to the website


  • No update

  • Concern about IBEW affecting us

  • It should not as it was not settled at the time of arbitration submissions. Arbitrator will be considering the written submissions of both parties

  • Timing of decision release is fully with the arbitrator. We have no influence on that

Other Business

  • YVR

  • ATOS course running

  • Leave picks are happening

  • Issak Skuce will call Jim about hiring in OTS concern

  • YYZ

  • 2 ATOS training

  • Staff shortage in OTS means that some courses will be running on OT in the evenings

  • YUL

  • 2 new qualifications in ATOS

  • Hiring OTS in summer

  • YQM

  • ATOS COURSE started

  • May be hiring OTS in fall

  • YQX

  • 2 new ATOS (14 total)

  • 2 new OTS terms (18 months)


Click here if you want to download the minutes!

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