Unifor1016 LUEB Minutes Cornwall, June 12-13, 2018

In Attendance

  • Jim Walker

  • Christine Cassey

  • Greg Phelan

  • Jason Constable (via phone)

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Tara Amsen

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Chris Rademaker

  • Andre Lauzon

Overview of Unifor1016.ca

  • Reviewed the current structure

  • We should add a page for suggestions received to prevent duplication and allow for comment and discussion on topics. If we can’t put this on the website maybe share a google sheet with the membership on occasion.

  • Do we need everything behind password?

  • Login may be a barrier

  • We can change the structure

  • Some concern about junk mail and having cell phone numbers where anyone has access

  • Does not have to be all or nothing

  • Motion (Jean): Update the website so that “News” becomes our landing page. Things that will remain behind password protection include: contact phone numbers, the minutes and a published list of suggestions received.

  • Seconded (Christine)

  • Call the question. Passed unanimous

By-Law Review

  • Need the updated version on the website. *Christine to send to Jean*

  • Suggested amendments must be received by August 27. There is a form on the website for membership to make submissions

  • Suggestions received and the Convention Agenda must be published by September 26

  • All references to the ALUEB should be removed

  • Job duties for President, EVP, VPs, Financial Secretary and Trustees could be added similar to ATSAC

  • Consider staggering the Financial Secretary and trustee election to provide continuity

  • We discussed ATSAC’s voting structure of 50% + 1 with runoff elections. The overall response was its not broke and are we looking for problems that aren’t there.

  • Is the LUEB too large? This discussion came out of a discussion about the size of the bargaining team which will be covered in the next topic. Discussion happened about engagement, travel costs, and shop steward self nomination process. It was decided that we do and will continue to look for methods of containing costs and sustaining our independence as a local. The current structure is working and the LUEB would recommend maintaining the current structure

  • The Constitution allows for quarterly trustee meetings or an annual professional audit. We currently do semiannual meetings to reduce costs. *Greg will cost out annual professional audits* This option should go forward to convention for inclusion as an option in the By-Laws

  • 12.6 should be amended to read “until complete” because it is more reflective of the spirit of the clause. Unit funds are not meant to be withheld indefinitely

  • Add some sort of clause for travel where for whatever reason you are away from home without access to your luggage but require clothing, etc. Example:

  • The Financial Secretary can authorize travel incidentals up to $75 with receipts, anything beyond this must be approved by the LUEB

  • Membership cards

  • National would like us to have them

  • They have cards that they will provide for free

  • This would provide us with current, non Nav Canada contact info

  • This would also provide Unifor national with the same

  • Some concern about how much contact Unifor will make with people via phone/mail and if the membership will be receptive to that

  • *Christine to obtain a sample card*

  • This item will be put forward to convention

Bargaining Team Size

  • This started under discussion on the By-Laws but was later decided to be a decision of the LUEB which due to its nature and the current language did not need to go to convention

  • Bargaining is one of the largest costs of 1016. And of that cost lost time is the biggest contributing factor.

  • The President and EVP hold paid positions and therefore are not lost time factors. The company also pays for time off for 4 additional representatives.

  • If you want to reduce the size of the team how do you decide? For example positions vs. regional selection

  • Still feel the VPs are the right candidates to attend bargaining because of their knowledge and experience

  • Don’t always have to send the whole team. For example we could send 4 VPs to one round and 4 different VP’s to a subsequent round while maintaining the right to send the whole team as required (example Round one and round last)

Google for Business

  • What we are currently using is working and saving us some money

  • Currently utilize the email and “hangouts” for video conferencing

  • There are things we could explore as part of what we are already pay for that may provide some business advantages. Examples:

  • Drive-shared folders. We each have 30GB of storage

  • Docs-like Word but shared documents. Tracks changes. Its live so multiple people working on the same doc will see what others are doing and you don’t run in to someone saving their work over someone elses. If the document is yours you can share it with multiple people with options to edit, comment or view.

  • Sheets-like Excel with all the same features and advantages of docs

  • Calendar-schedule meeting WITH the invite to Hangouts. Don’t need to “call” everyone

Grievance Management Tool

  • Historically have relied on Nav Canada to track our grievances

  • Not the most reliable as we discovered a large number were deleted by a previous Labour Relations Manager as timed out

  • After reviewing the tool each VP will be assigned a login and password. Here they will be able to track their complaints and grievances (as well as see all grievances) and store all the pertinent info like email chains, the complaint, the grievance and any letters received in response to the grievance

  • *Christine to email each VP with the website, login and password*

Outstanding Grievances

  • Review of the Grievance Procedure in Article 15:

  • Incident

  • Complaint stage within 20 calendar days of incident

  • Written grievance, following complaint and within 30 days of incident

  • Response within 15 days of grievance submission

  • Union has 10 days to respond to that response (and refer to level 2 if necessary)

  • If the grievance is pushed to Level 2-company has 30 days to provide final written response

  • Either party can refer an item to arbitration within 30 days of the final written response

  • There are 24 outstanding grievances

  • Each was reviewed for its timeliness, impact and substance (i.e. Will it win in arbitration)

  • A list of outstanding items was compiled for the company

  • We will seek a day to discuss level 2 grievances with Nav Canada and either resolve or drop the grievance, or schedule it for arbitration

Semi Annual Trustee Report

  • Greg presented the Semi Annual Audit (all of 2017). Each VP has been given a copy. If you wish to see a copy you can ask your VP. It will not be duplicated or distributed

  • Greg also presented the Trustee Semi-Annual Report. This report concluded that the financial accounts are in good standing and that the next audit will be done in September. The report also included 17 recommendations. These items were discussed individually by the LUEB and a written response to the committee will be drafted.


  • Jim would like a hospitality night (on arrival date) at convention because people have traveled and shown interest in this important function of the local. Also a good ice breaker prior to the meetings. Gives participants an opportunity to get to know each other

  • LUEB supports this

  • *Christine to cost out a room for this vs. upgrading Jim’s room and food*

  • Also want to put hospitality forward as a budget item for future LUEB meetings

  • Swag: items for costing

  • Power bank

  • Pens (for all the membership as well)

  • Water bottles (for all the membership as well)

  • Messenger style bags

  • A personalized shirt (participants name)

  • In room welcome items (ex. soaps or cookies)

  • Tour Options:

  • A brewery tour is included for the estimated 17 participants

  • Do we want to book something else? Decided to leave it open so people can do what they want and instead do a dinner on the last night (Brasas suggested), as a thank you for joining us, union to cover meal cost and individuals cover their own alcoholic beverages

Shop Steward Elections

  • All candidates were acclaimed

  • Some sites still don’t have all their Steward positions filled

  • People put their hands up after the results were announced

  • By-Laws allow for 2 month appointments and does not prevent consecutive terms

  • LUEB to submit a proposal for convention to amend this procedure

Early Retirement Using Comp Leave

  • Both ATSAC and CATCA got something on this during bargaining

  • Listed as “cost neutral”

  • If it is cost neutral maybe we can get something similar outside of bargaining

  • Will put this item forward at UMC


  • Lack of transfer between Shawn and Jim

  • We need a system to back up important documents that when there’s a change can just be passed on

  • Dropbox and google drive are not backup services

  • What we need is an external harddrive with written procedures on what is to be backed up and how often. These will then need to be added to the bylaws at convention

  • LUEB will draft a letter to Shawn asking for any information on outstanding grievances, MOA’s in practice, anything else pertinent to the day to day operation


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