• Eric Titus

Elect Lisa for Trustee

Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Lisa Summers-Van Ness. I’m a 12-year veteran with NAV CANADA, and I’ve been a Unifor 1016 member for 1.5 years as Operational Training Specialist.

With my background, I’ve developed the following skills that enable me to be an ideal candidate for trustee:

• Budgeting (3+ years) – collaboratively planned/balanced the Edmonton Training Unit headcount and budget with the MOT

• Collective Agreement Interpretation (7+ years) – recognized on a national level by LR/management/admin for helping with clause interpretation (various unions)

• Excellent Organization and Documentation techniques

• Passionately engaged with the union and company

• Accountable

I’m confident that my positive traits and experiences will benefit you and the union for years to come, so please vote for me as your next trustee!

In solidarity,

Lisa Summers-Van Ness

Edmonton Region

Operational Training Specialist (2018-Present)

OHS Committee Member/former Secretary (2014-Present)

Training Administrator (2014-2018)

Administrative Clerk (2007-2014)