Minutes Teleconference August 29, 2018

In Attendance

  • President - Jim Walker

  • Financial Secretary - Greg Phelan

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Chris Rademaker

  • Tara Amsen

  • Eric Titus

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Jason Constable

Resignation of EVP and filling of position

Eric Titus and Jason Constable gave some background regarding how the Executive Vice- President position came to be, from the origin as the Assistant to the Local Union Executive Board to the present version.

The EVP will not be funded for the remainder of the term because of budgetary reasons. The intent of leaving the A-LUEB in the By-Laws was to cover this eventuality. The Board decided to honour the intent (and the By-Laws) and elect a member of the LUEB to the position of A-LUEB until the election of the next EVP in the fall of 2019 or Dec 31 2019, whichever comes first. The Board will also put forward a proposal for Convention to fully remove this position after that time and incorporate it into the EVP position duties whether it is funded or not. The A-LUEB will assist the executive board and President as needed until then.

As not all LUEB members were on the call, the board decided to wait until after Jim Walker had a chance to brief the missing member on what transpired at the meeting. The Board decided that Greg Phelan would conduct an election via Email of the LUEB to determine who the A-LUEB would be. This was completed last week.

The Board has elected Eric Titus into the position of Assistant to the Local Union Executive Board. Thank you, Eric, for accepting this position to help bridge the gap. As per the bylaws, this position is elected from amongst the Regional Vice Presidents.


With Christine’s departure, Greg has taken over the duties of Convention Planning Coordinator. Now that Eric is the A-LUEB, he will assist Greg with these duties. Plans are underway, travel arrangements are being made and a recording secretary for the convention is being secured.

Other Business

Among the items being ordered for Convention are water bottles, and Greg asked the board if they would like bottles ordered for every member, or just for the delegates. The board decided that water bottles should be ordered for every member. Greg also informed the board that he would be ordering Shop Steward/Local Union Representative booklets, and obtained estimated numbers that each region would want.

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