Local Union Executive Board Meeting February 4, 2016

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Teleconference, February 4, 2016

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Michelle Zelazny

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Sue Wilson

  • Nicholas Dussault

Temporary YWG ATOS

  • Question arose regarding YWG hiring term ATOS

  • Career Development Leave with Pay, someone is (or is going to) train. Need to backfill for that person.

  • Is it open to transfer? Not sure, probably not due to relocation. Any permanent position subsequently will be

Reimbursement of Expenses

  • Not really the issue, the issue is Rep Funds

  • Normally all Rep funds are paid at the same time which is easier to track

  • Rep funds are paid once the unit expenses are submitted

  • Some units are submitting in a timely fashion and feel penalized having to wait for the others to submit

  • Also an issue as we currently only have 2 authorized to sign checks

  • *Shawn and Michelle will review these processes and suggest alternatives

YQX VP Vacancy

  • Mid December Sam resigned

  • An election call went out

  • There were nominees but no one accepted their nomination

  • Subsequently one of the nominees has expressed interest

  • Will issue a second call in hopes of filling the position locally

  • *Christine to contact Scott

Karen Hudson Seniority

  • Issue is now being challenged by Karen (as opposed to a co-worker)

  • Karen provided additional documentation about the move of the group from PSAC to 1016 (CAOSS when the process began)

  • This documentation was provided to the LUEB in advance of the teleconference for review

  • While some feel the additional documentation doesn’t change their original positions and may even strengthen their argument, some feel that Karen hasn’t been afforded the same opportunities as other challengers

  • Karen will be invited to an LUEB to present her argument

  • David Ready will also be invited as he appears (from the documentation) to have had involvement as her Rep at the time and may be able to provide further insight

Concerns from the regions

  • YVR

  • ATOS trainees not given simulation and sent to the floor

  • Management determines what “appropriate” training is

  • We ensure trainees are provided every opportunity in the event of possible CT

  • YQM

  • AFTN Confirmed Users

  • Users put flight plan into the system and errors error back to the user not ATOS

  • Concerned they are being provided with ATOS “cheat sheets” to ensure their flight plans get into the system

  • Concern that this looks like contracting out and will result in job loss

  • *Shawn will investigate further

Next meeting

  • Teleconference, March 10 @ 2:30EST


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