Local Union Executive Board Meeting March 10, 2016

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Teleconference, March 10, 2016

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Michelle Zelazny

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Jim Walker

  • Sue Wilson

  • Nicholas Dussault

Group RRSP

  • Currently open to Plab B pensioners only

  • Will be opening up to everyone once the Sunlife website is updated

  • Expect that to be prior to June

  • Rollout of the official program will commence in the fall of 2016 with the new pension software rollout

Karen Hudson-seniority issue

  • Karen and David Ready both declined the invitation to this LUEB

  • With no new evidence being provided and the latest evidence provided by Karen supporting that she left knowing that the transition was in the works but made no effort to secure her own seniority, the LUEB voted unanimously to uphold the previous decision

  • NB Shawn Wood abstained from voting and Jim Walker was not on the call at the time of the vote

AFTN Confirmed Users

  • Shawn has heard nothing back from management on this

  • He did, however, talk to Leslie Hartley, YYZ UOS

  • YYZ has not seen a reduction in workload, in fact there has been an increase in calls from these users when they can’t get their flight plan in

  • YQM has been experiencing a similar pattern but they can’t pull up the flight plan to look at it

  • There is a way through ATWS

  • *Nicholas to have YQM UOS to contact YYZ UOS to confirm how to do this


  • Shawn and Michelle will preemptively write the checks for unit funds/rep expenses to be mailed to each rep as their unit fund reports are received. This should eliminate any delay

  • As for expenses, we are usually together when those are incurred so there isn’t a delay currently


  • Webmaster is discontinuing his business at the end of this year

  • Need to replace his services

  • Want to upgrade/update the website when we do

  • Need to tender development

  • Michelle has a friend in the field, she can help us put together a tender proposal

  • Information we need * Shawn to ask Andre

  • # of pages

  • # of pages that are secure

  • Traffic statistics

  • Page structure

  • How we will handle domain name handover

  • Can we look internally-may be a conflict of interest and we want a business that can provide long term service

  • How about the National’s service-quite expensive

  • Do we want to have a Forum again-we need a moderator if we do, and Forum vs. Facebook is an outstanding item-lets focus on website at hand

  • Jean, Michelle and Christine will work together on putting together a Request for Proposal for the website

EVP Position Requirements

  • Complaint received from a member in Winnipeg that the requirements implemented at Convention for the new EVP Position are unconstitutional

  • By-Laws are at National for approval now

  • If the requirements are indeed “unconstitutional” they should flag it and send them back

  • *Shawn to repond as such to the member, Joel Fournier and Jim Walker

New YQX Rep

  • Michael Dwyer was elected

  • Need more contact info than just his work email

  • *Christine will ask Sam

  • Next meeting

  • Teleconference, April 14 @ 2:30EST


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