• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting June 8, 2016

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Ottawa, June 8, 2016

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Jim Walker

  • Sue Wilson

  • Mike Dwyer

Trustee Meetings

  • A trustee meeting was scheduled for spring 2016 but had to be cancelled due to the Financial Secretaries health

  • She was able to attend for a few minutes to update us on her health and to address concerns about the financial audits

  • As she is not expected to return to work before the fall of 2016 she suggested a couple of options:

  • Have someone act in her absence in helping trustees navigate through the audit (note that it is difficult to coordinate 4 schedules over the summer)

  • Delay until the fall at which point they could audit a full year (4 days)

  • LATER in the meeting the LUEB voted to postpone the audit until the fall when Michelle and Shawn can facilitate a one year audit

  • Michelle also suggested that we consider switching from CIBC to a unionized credit union

  • All Regional VP’s please email Michelle your reports and scanned copies of your receipts She will give Shawn checks for unit funds which he will mail to you once Michelle receives your report (michelle.zelazny@gmail.com)

Engagement Survey

  • NavCanada was happy with the high level of participation and attributes some of that to local union support

  • Distributed the briefing on Unifor 1016

  • Shawn will email the LUEB the complete presentation

  • Overall improvement in engagement


  • Have been mailed to National for approval

  • Was supposed to have feedback by today but received an email postponing to end of the week

  • We don’t know what the concerns are. It could be something we added. It could be something preexisting that has changed in the switch from CAW to Unifor

  • Do we need to vote on changes from National? Can we use what we have currently and change at next convention? Shawn will address with National

  • Subsequent to the meeting we received By-Law changes from National and are in the process of incorporating the changes. New By-Laws will be released


  • All unions at NavCanada have been invited to bargain early (starting this fall)

  • As our Bargaining Team includes the Regional VP’s and New EVP position we need to delay the start of bargaining to follow our elections. We don’t want to change team members during bargaining

  • Changes to the ByLaws are also a concern as they may affect elections

  • We still want to be at the table in the fall but it may be later than some of the other groups


  • With the above in mind, the intention of the LUEB is to put out a call for elections (Regional VPs and EVP positions) in June and commence voting on October 3

Electronic Balloting

  • Currently using ballot bin which is free

  • May want to consider something a bit more polished

  • There are a lot of options in terms of companies and length of contracts (one time vs. 6 months)

  • May want a longer contract if we are going to have a referendum on changes to ByLaws

  • Also need to consider that we need a national election (EVP position) and local elections (RVP positions)

  • Jean will investigate and provide the LUEB with a spreadsheet of options

ATOS UOS Conference

  • Other groups do this (TOC, FSS Team Leads, OTS, etc)

  • Good opportunity to develop best practices amongst the units

  • Also an opportunity to address concerns with job description

  • Strong support of this idea from the LUEB

  • Shawn will discuss with Ottawa

Interline Benefits

  • Sue would like to contact companies about interline travel benefits

  • May require approval from Nav

  • Shawn to follow up with Sue

  • Believe Dargal still offers interline benefits to Nav employees for vacations but not flights

Website Replacement

  • Jean and Chris to continue looking at alternative website options

  • Jean got the stats from the webmaster but not the structure

  • What is our expansion plan?

  • We still require a members only side

  • Things we want on the page:

  • Bulletins

  • Minutes

  • Bargaining demand collection

  • Collective Agreement

  • By-Laws

  • About us-the union

  • Bios of the executive and contact info

  • Job descriptions

  • Jean thinks Square Space may provide us with what we need and that we can develop and maintain it ourselves

  • Jean will provide a spreadsheet of possible services and costs to vote on for next conference call

  • Christine and Jean will then design the website

  • At the next face to face meeting we can provide a training session on editing the website so the whole board has a general knowledge


  • Nicholas recently stepped down as Representative

  • With a call letter for a fall election coming out this month trying to run an election now would only confuse things

  • Shawn Wood will address issues out of YQM until the fall election of RVPs

Other Business

  • YVR-OTS Supervisor

  • People who were previously supervisors don’t feel they should have to compete but should be returned to their previous status

  • It’s been 6 years

  • The job itself has changed TSS to OTS

  • This is a NEW position and the collective agreement only allows for it to be competed

  • YQX-Long term plan for school

  • Everywhere is hiring additional OTS but what type of job security is there?

  • This system is more labour intensive and there is an increase demand for trainees

  • Number of OTS is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future

  • YYZ-Missed o/t calls

  • Collective agreement provides a solution that really disadvantages the next person

  • LOU on missed double time calls NEEDS to be included as well as it gets forgotten

  • Chris to email this LOU to everyone again as most are unaware

Next meeting

  • TBD


Click here if you want to download the minutes!

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