Local Union Executive Board Meeting September 7, 2016

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Teleconference, September 7, 2016

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Jim Walker

  • Sue Wilson

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Andre Lauzon with Kim Grynke(OTS)

  • Michelle Zelazny

VRR Grievance

  • Christine filed a grievance in Toronto with regards to OTS programming the VRR in the generic simulator for acting ATT6 pay while performing those duties since February 2016

  • All voice recognition programming was originally part of the Course Maintenance Specialist job description (ATT6) but has since been included in the job description of the OTS (ATT5)

  • At level 2 it was discovered that this work had been done in other units and in order to reach a solution Sylvain requested the impact of the proposed resolution

  • Christine has been working to determine that

  • Is money really what we want? Don’t we want more CMS? Either in YOW or at each of the sites? The duties have been included in the OTS job description, we need to ensure that the work is being recognized appropriately

  • The YEG OTS have been working on this for over 2 years. They have completed 2 specialties with one more planned

  • YVR has also worked on VRR programming but to what extent is to be determined

  • Kim wants to know about strip development for generic simulation-Christine will ask YYZ OTS

  • Kim also notes that the development of Sector Specific generic simulation could not be done in YOW

  • Shawn will follow up about the impact with Sylvain and then we will decide how to proceed

Electronic Voting

  • Jean researched alternatives to our current system and emailed his suggestion to the LUEB in advance of this meeting

  • His recommendation is a company with an approximate cost of $370/year.

  • This fee includes up to 10 elections for 300 members. Additional members are $0.67/vote. Should be a non issue at this point as our numbers are slightly lower

  • This voting system has mechanisms in place to prevent cheating and hacking.

  • Once the new website is developed members will be able to vote by logging in to the members side and clicking on a VOTE button (no more multiple steps)

  • There is a mechanism that can provide members with a vote receipt

  • If the website isn’t ready for this election we could still use this system but it would need to be set up

  • Has Scott (Elections Chair) looked at the site? Was waiting for LUEB approval

  • Michelle points out that we can still use our current system, Ballot Bin, as its free and then transfer to the new website and new electronic voting at the same time

  • Motion: To move to the new electronic voting system AFTER the upcoming election of Regional VP’s and EVP. Shawn

  • Seconded: Michelle

  • All in favour? unanimous


  • Jean researched this as well and emailed his proposal to everyone in advance of this meeting

  • Motion: To accept Jean’s chosen provider and proceed with website development. Michelle

  • Seconded: Christine

  • All in favour? Unanimous (Jean abstained)

Other Business

  • Michelle is storing all the financial files in her apartment

  • Wants to rent a fireproof locker

  • A small unit should be about $30/mth

  • Will put Shawn as a secondary on the account

  • If approved and the cost is more than a 10% difference from $30 she will bring it back to the LUEB

  • No objections

  • YQX-2 new OTS

  • YOW-announced restructuring of AIM

  • YYZ

  • ATT0 grievance based on language “training for first position at Nav Canada” not first position in Unifor 1016. C/T’d students should be paid a higher rate as they were previously employed at NavCanada and taking a cut in pay to move to ATT0

  • Competition should be out shortly for 3-4 positions in ATOS

  • YWG-OTS supervisor competition discussion is on going

  • YEG

  • Dan Flockstra grievance

  • Plan to bring back a retiree on contract to cover a shortage in ATOS

  • YVR

  • Lost one trainee in ATOS, still raising concern over lack of simulation

  • New national training plan for ATOS to include simulation

  • 1 or 2 more terms to join OTS

  • Brent Clary’s passing

  • Brent was LR for NavCanada and worked with our group for several years

  • A Go Fund Me page has been established to start a scholarship fund in his memory for students taking Economics (Brent’s background) or Labour Relations

  • Christine will send the link to the LUEB

  • The LUEB has voted to donate to the page with the amount to be discussed/determined via email over September

  • While this is not in our mandate for our local unit funds we feel it is important to recognize this nationally

  • If any individuals would also like to contribute the address is: www.gofundme.com/brentclary

  • Bargaining

  • Exchange proposals in January

  • Tentative dates to meet face to face in early February

  • Bargaining suggestions can still be input at www.unifor1016.ca or with your Regional Representative

Next meeting

  • TBD


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