• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting August 15, 2017

Unifor 1016 LUEB Minutes

Teleconference, August 15, 2017

In Attendance

  • Shawn Wood

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Jim Walker

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Jason Constable

  • Mike Dwyer

  • Tara Amsen

Election Call

  • Need to give 90 days notice for the election of President, Financial Secretary and 3 trustees as per the by-laws

  • Christine spoke with Scott English, Elections Chair, prior to the meeting to arrange dates to go in the election call

  • The proposed dates are:

  • August 21, give notice

  • November 20 – December 1, nomination period

  • December 11 – 15, voting period

  • Question called and dates were unanimously approved

President Position

  • Andre submitted questions prior to the call about the President’s salary and time in Ottawa

  • Salary for Shawn (which is negotiated after every election) is GT8 + 25% supplement

  • President does not accrue sick or vacation leave

  • Substantive position is protected

  • Per diems are the same as the VP’s

  • Does not receive any allowances so phone is covered and a new computer may be purchased once per term (guidelines in by-laws)

  • Time in Ottawa varies from 1 trip/month to 3 trips per month

  • Shawn tries to structure his time so he is in Ottawa for multiple meetings at a time

  • In addition to meeting with the company there are additional requirements like participation in the NCJC(Nav Canada Joint Council) and NCBAA(Nav Canada Bargaining Agents Association)

  • By-Laws do not specifically designate time for a hand-over period should Shawn be replaced

  • Unifor does offer some “executive training” but not specific President’s training. Mostly learn as you go

Cornwall Membership Representation

  • There have been a few people hired on contract for 8 months, starting in September, to work in Cornwall. There is a possibility of additional hires in January

  • There are currently 2 AIM members in Cornwall as well

  • Some of the terms contacted Jean about representing them

  • No one objects to Jean representing these workers

  • Jean will keep Eric in the loop about AIM issues to ensure continuity for that group

  • If these temporary jobs become permanent, or numbers increase significantly, we may need to revisit the idea of a Cornwall VP

Other Business

  • YUL

  • internal/external competition for OTS closing August 18

  • workplace assessment to be done in ATOS

  • YEG

  • Ongoing training in ATOS

  • YVR

  • Internal/external posting for 2 OTS

  • One OTS has expressed an interest in being a shop steward and will be appointed

  • VFR flow times being assigned to ATOS and challenged by CATCA


  • We will be meeting prior to bargaining, Sunday, September 24 at 10am

  • Please send your travel requirements to Christine ASAP

  • Please remind members that contract voting will be based out of our website. Members must be approved to access voting. Please sign up using your Nav Canada email address


Click here if you want to download the minutes!

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