• Jean Levasseur

Local Union Executive Board Meeting April 10, 2018

In Attendance

  • Jim Walker

  • Christine Cassey

  • Jean Levasseur

  • Eric Titus

  • Greg Phelan

  • Tara Amsen

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Mike Dwyer


  • No update

  • The LUEB are all anxious for the results to be released. Each of us is contacted almost daily by a member on this issue


  • By-Laws state we have to call convention 90 days in advance but not clear if this is notice of convention itself or the election

  • By-Law amendments must be submitted 60 days prior to convention

  • Agenda must be published 30 days prior to convention

  • With this in mind, and airfare costs, better to elect delegates before summer

  • Don’t want timing to overlap Shop Steward elections in May

  • Christine will contact Scott to set up timings

Bank Switch

  • New Credit cards are expected to be delivered this evening

  • Some checks outstanding on the CIBC account but as soon as they are cashed that account will be closed


Click here if you want to download the minutes!

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