Local Union Executive Board Meeting October 10, 2018

In Attendance:

  • President - Jim Walker

  • Financial Secretary - Greg Phelan

  • Marie Gerroir

  • Andre Lauzon

  • Chris Rademaker

  • Tara Amsen

  • Eric Titus

  • Jean Levasseur (Joined during Agenda Item 3)

  • Mike Dwyer


  • Jason Constable

Grievance Meeting update

  • Scheduled for Oct 4th. Delayed to Oct 12th.

  • Jim and Stephen Green met on Oct 4th to go over the grievances to prepare for oct 12th meeting.

  • Compared notes

  • Exchanged missing documentation

  • Many grievances sitting with limited information

  • One grievance holding up contract. ‘Definition of New Hire’. If no resolution on 12th, will request they release the contract wording anyway.

  • Will schedule a conference call sometime after to update Board.

Convention Update

  • Plans moving along well.

  • Agenda complete. Waiting to finalize.

  • All travel plans completed except for one (OW).

  • Hospitality booked.

  • Course (Getting to know your Union) booked for Day 2.

  • Ashley Dhillon coming to take minutes since A-LUEB is a delegate.

Bilingual Correspondence

  • Correspondence like Minutes and Convention Proposals have not been translated in the past. Jean asked that all correspondence be made available in French as well since the minutes represent the Boards decisions.

  • Cost to translate is $0.20/word. Bylaw Proposals was a large document and cost $650. Typically Bulletins cost $100-150 to translate. Minutes could be $200-300.

  • If something is time critical, will go out in English with French to follow when translated.

  • Nobody opposed. Will move forward.

Transition from Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

  • Google has switched.

  • Booking a meeting in Gmail now uses Hangouts Meet.

  • Same interface as Hangouts, just new app.

  • Will book a test meeting to help everyone transition

  • Add in links to the app stores

GIC Coming Due

  • On Oct 1st a GIC worth about $56,000 came due

  • CIBC has sale for 12 months at 2.5%

  • TD should match

  • Not trying to get rich, just trying to hedge against inflation

  • No one opposed

Trustee Vacancy

  • Mike Gauthier has stepped down

  • Bylaws have no direction on how to fill during term

  • There is a proposal to align Trustee position to RVP elections (which happen next year) so that the Trustees and Financial Secretary are not all replaced at same time, taking out all expertise at once.

  • This leave us potentially needing help the spring review as this one is going ahead right before convention

  • Can do Trustee review with only 2 trustees

  • RVP of the region where the review is held could assist

  • Board agreed to wait until after Convention to decide what to do. If the vacancy is only till next fall, will run as is with RVP help. If for full term will meet to discuss need to vote in new Trustee.

Past Executive Retirement Gifts

  • Christine approached Greg and asked that the money she owes for her assets be used as her Executive Gift (Asset Rules from Bylaws – ‘If an individual leaves their position prior to the end of their 3 year term, the assets will be shipped to the person’s successor in office, returned to the Local, or sold to the member at its depreciated value if requested.’)

  • Value owing on her laptop is approximately $500 (Actual value is higher as she bought a MacBook)

  • Discussion:

  • Gift is not to be a cash gift.

  • Gift is meant to be a thank you to outgoing Executive. Exiting Executive should not pick their own gift.

  • Rules for Assets are clearly defined and separate from gift proposal going to Convention on gifts

  • Value could be the same as retirement gift anyway

  • Vote to delay decision until after Convention:

  • 6-2 against waiting

  • Motion: Allow cash gift to cover balance of equipment owed

  • 5-2 against allowing (1 abstain)

  • Decided to assemble a Committee after convention to deal with Shawn and Christine’s gifts.

New Business

VR – No

EG – News on drug policy? Question will start to come in on Oct 17th. Cannabis is covered under policy. Nav Canada will be updating the policy.

WG – No

Greg – No

YZ – No

OW – No

UL – No

QX – No. 5 new hire: 3 ATOS, 2 OTS

Meeting Adjourned.